Obtaining home financing can be a complex process, bu it doesn't have to be! Preparing documents can save you a lot of time and hassle.  To start, we will need personal information to verify employment for you and your co-borrower (if applicable). We will also need information regarding all of your debts and assets.

In order to expedite the paperwork process, start gathering the following items:

pay stubs for most recent 30 day period

prior 2 years w-2

federal tax returns, all schedules, attachments for prior 2 years

copy of start issued driver's license for each borrower

prior 2 months full bank statements/ investment accounts

Homeowners insurance for all real estate owned

Most recent mortgage statement

If you are self employed, a year to date profit and loss statement

If an offer has been made on a property, please provide a fully executed purchase & sales agreement

What costs are involved:

Application/processing fee- fee to process your loan application

Appraisal fee- fee to determine the current value of the property

Closing fee- to ensure the close of your transaction

Title search/insurance fee - fee to ensure property is free from liens

Origination fee - fee to originator to obtain a lower interest rate

Please note additional fees may apply (check nicoles closing statement)

regular mortgage, if doing a renovation _____

use one of our preferred vendors?  or keep a separate doc we send out in canva?

Construction to permanent mortgages offer a true, one time closing for your clients

how it works