The internet has revolutionized the real estate industry

What was once privileged information ONLY accessible by real estate agents is now public knowledge available at the consumers fingertips 

We not only embraced these efficiencies but more importantly saw an opportunity to save our sellers a lot of money 

Evolution Real Estate & Renovations is a Full Service, Flat Fee Real Estate Agency designed for The 21st Century

There's a reason buyers aren't relying on agents like they used to... the internet has published all the information a buyer needs

The fact of the matter is, the housing inventory on Long Island is AGING and buyers need a CONTRACTOR more than they need an agent

Evolution Real Estate & Renovations is the first to merge the real estate and construction industries

Buyers can finally purchase a home that fits their budget as our agents help them on the remodeling costs PRIOR to putting in an offer and seamlessly execute the renovation upon closing