You can purchase a fireplace addition or remodel through Evolution's...

Where you purchase the construction of the project & select your own finishes


Where you purchase one of our pre-designed packages & hit the ground running - LEARN MORE

Follow these simple (straight forward) (laid out) steps and you will be on your way to a beautiful renovation

You’re thinking about adding or remodeling a fireplace, review the cost estimates we have put together, if it looks good and fits in your budget move to step 2.

fireplace remodel pic with costs

fireplace new pic with costs

f place mat estimate

Schedule a video or regular call to determine if we need to do an on site visit to finalize the price.

If making a regular call, text ________ or email pictures and measurements of the project before the call.

Final price & contract will be emailed. Upon receiving signed documents & deposit your planning & design appointment will be scheduled

If you are obtaining a permit, we will help with the process and schedule the start date once it’s approved.

The design & planning process is when we work together to make all of the design selections, order materials and schedule the job based on the delivery dates of the materials chosen.

come to showroom

or virtual meeting and can mail samples

We make any adjustments to the schedule template and post it to a shared calendar so you can always see what the plan is.

We will walk you through the finished project & show you how to operate new features. Enjoy your beautiful space with friends & family!