At Evolution we feel the key to successfully building a custom home is the planning and design before construction even starts!


Building is in our bones… a homeowner having to pick out every single item from their kitchen faucet to their exterior light fixtures, paint colors, bathroom vanities, wood flooring, garage doors, tile, cabinets and everything in between can be an intimidating task.


Our founder, Jennifer DeVito, has developed the company based upon this concept.


The Evolution Way Starts Here


Our showroom and design team are here to help you define your style by choosing from the latest trends, building products, color selections, fixtures, etc. helping you achieve a cohesive look inside and out.  
We have weekly meetings with our customers before construction begins so that when we start framing and you want a decorative soap niche in your master bathroom, it can be framed correctly.  Most people don’t start thinking about a soap niche until they start thinking about tile which is way too late!    
Like most other GC’s we handle the permit process, scheduling, ordering of materials, daily construction, quality control and meeting with inspectors. The additional design service we offer, comes at no charge because the Evolution Way helps the customer make timely decisions keeping the job on schedule.  
Jen has developed the guide to a successful construction project which can be downloaded here: ___