Set Yourself Apart with Evolution

If you are interested in joining a team that is different than every other real estate team out there, you are in the right place. There are thousands of real estate agents on long island and hundreds more taking their test each week. They choose a brokerage to hang their license and then what…


They get some fancy brochures, professional business cards, your token Monday morning team meetings, weekend retreats and try to drum up business in one of the most competitive industries out there, WITHOUT a competitive advantage. How ironic is that. Business 101 states that you must have a competitive advantage to gain market share. Comparative market analysis, professional pictures and a “custom” marketing plan doesn’t set you apart when every other agent is doing that.


In this day and age, customers are getting all of their information from the internet, they don’t need an agent to put them in touch with a seller, to tell them how many bedrooms there are, how the school district is, or to turn the lights on for them. Today’s customers still want to be represented by an agent to handle the negotiations and help navigate them to the closing table, but aren’t ok with giving away large commissions to the worthless agents described above anymore. Both buyers and sellers want an agent who can bring them value and that doesn’t exist anywhere except at Evolution.


So, how do we set ourselves apart?
For our Sellers - we offer a FLAT FEE commission, keeping more of your clients hard earned money in their pockets. No more commissions that are tied to the value of their house, we truly treat every client the same.


For our Buyers - the housing inventory is aging, and more often than not in need of repair. This dilemma deters most buyers because they don’t want to do the work or seek out a reputable contractor, which might be the only thing harder than finding a good agent! At Evolution, you have a team of construction and design professionals to help your clients so they can make a more informed decision and offer on a house.


Now start taking your share of the market!


Welcome to Team Evolution.