Design + Construction = Evolution Renovation

Some people are excited by them and look forward to choosing every detail while others cringe at the very thought. Depending on your budget and desired involvement, Evolution offers something for everyone.

The design feature sets Evolution apart from other construction companies. This can be the most overwhelming part of a remodeling project. Jen offers her design services free of charge for all of her clients. Her goal is to bring excitement back to the tainted construction industry and to enjoy the process instead of dread it!



Pre Designed Remodeling Packages

Jen has created pre-packaged renovations for every room in your house. She combines the latest trends with her favorite timeless elements making the process effortless. Or, you can work together and create something unique to your style.

  • Bath in a Box
  • Half Bath in a Box
  • Kitchen in a Box
  • Basement in a Box,
  • Dining Room in a Box
  • Bedroom in a Box
  • Mud Room in a Box
  • Décor in a Box
Jen DeVito

"I love bringing a female perspective and my expertise to this male dominated industry"

- Jen DeVito, Founder









"I hired Evolution Real Estate and Renovations to renovate my kitchen and it was the best decision I ever made! Right from the beginning they met with me to go over what kind of styles I like and what they had envisioned, as well as the budget and timing I could realistically expect. They were always easy to get in touch with, finished super quick, and stayed within the budget outlined from the start! They have such great taste and design ability. I love how modern yet homey they were able to make my kitchen."

- Nicole A. Glen Head

Evolution Real Estate and Renovations

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