Starting a Real Estate Revolution

Overhauling the Real Estate Industry,
wiping out the commission structure,
bringing real value to the agent!

The high commissions paid to real estate agents started years ago, prior to the internet, when you had to speak to individual offices and agents to find out what properties were for sale. The internet has since changed this and become the backbone of the industry. Information is at the client’s fingertips and we don’t need an agent to recite or unlock doors for us anymore. This is a common path most industries have taken over the years, in turn, they operate with greater efficiency and costs come down.


Ironically, even with this optimization, the costs have not come down in the real estate industry…

Evolution is Forging the Way

We believe that every client deserves the same level of service and marketing regardless of the price of their house. If other agencies believed in this moto, they wouldn’t be charging you a percentage of the sales price equating to double, triple even quadruple our fee!


For our sellers:

Sell Your Home for a FLAT FEE of $8,995


For our buyers:

Evolution agents bring actual knowledge of the product along with a full-service construction team
that can remodel every part of your home


“We hired Evolution Real Estate and Renovations to help us find a piece of property and build a new home in Locust Valley. The thought of this undertaking was extremely stressful. Evolution is the only company I could find that offers both of these services making the whole process achievable and seamless. They built our entire house and Jen helped me with the layout, design and decorating. I am so thankful to be living in my dream home!!”

-JoAnne J